Do I really need to use toner?

September 11, 2018

Do I really need to use toner?

If you are looking to improve your skin care regime by adding a toner to it, you are making the right decision.

You may ask yourself "What does a toner do? Do i need it?” Let’s answer these questions and see if you really need to add a toner to your daily routine.

What is a Toner?

A typical face toner restores pH balance of your skin. It also cleanses the skin by removing dust particles and any makeup traces.

The latest toners have ingredients that can tighten pores and make your skin smooth. These toners can also contain specific ingredients to target specific issues. Some target acne while others have properties that can diminish blemishes.

What does Toner do?

Without a toner, the PH balance of your skin changes due to cleansers and soaps.  It could lead to inflammation and dryness. If you let your skin stay like this, it will age quicker than normal.

Benefits of toner

  • Restore pH balance
  • Enhances the absorption of moisturiser
  • Tightens pores
  • Improves skin tone
  • Removes debris
  • Gives you a quick refreshing lift
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Protects your skin against bacteria

How To Use a Toner

Simply pour a few drops and use a cotton pad to spread the toner on your skin. When spreading the toner, put a little pressure on the cotton pad so that the toner absorbs into the pores. Be sure not to put too much pressure otherwise you will damage your skin. Gently pat-dry your skin with your fingertips.

Choosing a Toner

It seems like the million-dollar question, but Kskin has the answer. 

Thank You Farmer Miracle Age Repair Toner is a rich, milky toner that combines the function of toner, serum and emulsion in one product. With it's concentrated texture  that provide deep nourishment and moisture to dry, tired skin.

Real Floral Calendula Toner

Natural Pacific Real Floral Calendula Toner  is a calming and moisturising toner with real calendula petals. It contains 91% calendula water. Besides calendula, it also contains Allantoin which makes flaky and chapped skin smoother and Sodium Hyaluronate to retain moisture. Also contains Centella extract aka “tiger grass” who's leaves and stems contain Madecassic acid that helps relieve inflammation. The toner is meant to minimise skin irritation, fresh cleansing and removes makeup residue. Best toner for hydrating and soothing

Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner is a highly concentrated and viscous toner that is rapidly absorbed into your skin, leaving you with a firm and vitalised skin texture. Water is not present here as 91.3% of this toner is milk vecht root extract, full of skin-beneficial betaine and minerals. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin. 

My Conclusion

A lot of us seem to underestimate the effects of using a good toner, but I urge you to please use it! Toner not only removes excess dirt and oil from your face but also enhances the absorption of moisturiser on the skin, maximising the effects of your precious moisturiser or face cream...

If you have any questions please drop me a note...

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