Innisfree Apple Seed Cleansing Oil 300ml

€28.00 EUR

Organic Acid and Vitamin Cleanser

Double Size - Better Value 

This cleansing oil formulated with apple seeds oil and apple fruit extract helps to remove make-up completely while keeping the skin fresh and soft. Cleanly removes heavy makeup and impurities from the skin with a soft rolling effect to leave the skin fresh without feeling greasy. The formulation smoothens out flaky dead skin cells to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Fresh apple fragrance helps you enjoy a refreshing cleansing time. Apple extracts take care of the skin from inside out giving you a refreshing cleansing action without feeling tight!

How to Use: Apply an appropriate amount onto dry hands and gently smooth over dry face to dissolve makeup. Add water with fingertips and massage to remove makeup. Rinse off with lukewarm water afterwards.

Active Ingredients:  Apple Extract : Apple extract with peel containing rich organic acid and vitamins softly and refreshingly removes flaky dead skin cells.
Apple Seed Oil : Cold-pressed apple seed oil leaves the skin clean and resilient after cleansing without feeling tight with abundant unsaturated fatty acid.

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