Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Oil Control Papers

€5.00 EUR


Natural Oil Control Paper
Blotting paper made from traditional Korean Mulberry Tree and Jeju Volcanic Clusters to absorb oil and help reduce excess shine. It is not made of a film, it’s made  all natural ingredients to only absorb the oil and leaving the water in the skin. Convenient and hygienic way to control sebum for oily, acne skin. 

How to Use: Open cover and remove one paper at a time.
Press thoroughly onto areas with excess oil, then discard. You can use over the makeup throughout the day.


The Story of Jeju Volcanic Clusters™

During the time of volcanic eruptions on Jeju Island, hot lava fragments formed clusters as they solidified. These naturally porous clusters are packed with minerals and have the power to absorb excess oil and impurities from pores.