Pyunkang Yul

Do you suffer from sensitive skin issues that just won’t seem to go away? Medically based Korean skincare brand Pyunkang Yul might just be the help you need.. Pyunkang Yul is a skincare line developed by Pyunkang Hospital, a locally renowned clinic practicing eastern medicine in Sabon, South Korea. They take a leaf or two from the book of herbal remedies.

With a belief that stems from a 20-year long practice of treating atopic skin ailments, which led to a demand for its own in-house skincare, Pyunkang Hospital takes the 'less is more' approach. Using the most minimal of ingredients to achieve maximum results they cut out all potential skin irritants and chemicals, so you'll only get the concentrated good stuff. In fact, there are as few as five ingredients in some of the products. All of their products are formulated with extracts of Korean medical roots in place of water.

Meant to suit even the most sensitive complexions, Pyunkang Yul works by targeting the underlying cause of your skin issues instead of treating them at a surface level, helping it to retain moisture and control oil production in order to achieve the right balance of hydration — the end goal being that your skin will function better on its own.

But if you're skeptical about its efficacy, consider this: Pyunkang Yul was first launched in 2016, and in a short span of two years has since quickly become one of the most sought after brands in Korea's skincare market. Not an easy feat considering so many brands are competing for top dog. Priced affordably to boot, why not introduce some of Pyunkang Yul's medicinal treatments into your skincare regime and judge it for yourself?