Beauty of Joseon Radiance Cleansing Balm (Renewal) 100ml

€24.00 EUR

Rice bran, Oatmeal Makeup Remover, Cleansing Balm

Beauty of Joseon 
Radiance Cleansing Balm is now back with upgraded ingredients. This very soft, balm type cleansing balm gently melts away makeup, excess sebum, suncream  and skin impurities. It's free of PEG, polyethylene, sulfates, fragrance, artificial colorant, bees wax and essential oil.

How to Use: Scoop a generous amount onto dry skin and gently massage in circular motions. Rinse off with lukewarm water, then wash your face with a foam cleanser

Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Rice Seed Water, Rice Extract, Oat Meal Extract