Pyunkang Yul Clear Spot Patch (72)

€15.00 EUR

Clear Spot patch (72pc)

4 Sheets  - 10mm x 9ea, 12mm x 9ea

Pyunkang Yul Clear Spot Patch is approved as having therapeutic effects, helping protect problem spots from external impurities and recover them rapidly by natural healing process. It can be also comfortably used by anyone and any skin types. It's hydrocolloid fabric absorbs exudates from wounds and create a moist environment to protect them against irritations & impurities, suppress scabs, and help minimise scars without pain. Bevelling technology compresses the edges of the patches to 0.01 inch to cover the problem spots with a slim fit that looks invisible. The patche's water-repellent fabric provides a protective barrier against water, protecting the scars from secondary infections. Designed in 2 different sizes to cover various sizes of scars altogether. It contains a total of 71 patches in sizes 10mm and 12mm. Clear and seamless patches can blend well in with all skin tones

How to use : Clean the wound area and dry it completely. Tear off the release paper along the cut line and attach it to the wound surface. After attaching, press for 2-3 seconds as if wrapped with your palm. If the product is white and it is difficult to attach it anymore, carefully remove the product from the edge.

Ingredients: Hydrocolloid Adhesive Tape 0.39mm