TIA'M Vita A Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser 80ml

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 Vitamin A, Retinol Collagen Moisturiser

TIAM Vita A is an anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing moisturiser. Formulated with highly enriched Collagen and Retinyl Palmitate, a stable form of vitamin A.

Smooth fine lines, and wrinkles while improving skin's firmness.

How to Use: Apply evenly to face and neck after using toner and serum. 

Active Ingredients:

  • Sunflower Seed Oil - Hydration and antioxidant protection. Contains linoleic acid for reinforcing the skin barrier which helps reduce moisture loss.
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen (Fish Collagen) - Has Type 1 collagen which is the most abundant in the human body. This makes it rich in amino acids.
  • Retinyl Palmitate (Stable Vitamin A) - Protects against UV damage, slows down signs of aging, and encourages healthy skin cell production.
  • Peanut Oil - Can help with dry skin, eczema, etc.
  • Panthenol - Helps accelerate the healing in inflamed skin/acne.
  • Black Currant Fruit Extract - Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants. Nourishes dry, damaged skin, and is also anti-inflammatory.
  • Adenosine - Known for its anti-wrinkle properties, this smooths skin making it look younger.

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